Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Finding the right food for your dogs

You know that dog was the first domesticated animal ever by human. If you go by the history, they have been domesticated for over 15,000 years. Yes, these lovely animals have always been loyal to humans. They had been and they are today. But, there’s one more interesting fact about them. By the 1930, dogs were fed raw foods. They never got to eat "kibble" or "canned" foods.

Why? Because such foods did not exist before. Surprizing? But that’s true. Now if you wonder how many years usually dogs lived before the said year, they live up happily to their teens. So, connecting your dogs’ age directly to the foods they eat may or may not be right.

Before 1930, people had to make of select raw unpacked foods only, but in 2016 you have all the options. You can give your dogs what your vets say would the best for them. So, you obviously have more choices. But are you satisfied with what your dogs get to eat? Are they healthy enough? If not, you need to rethink and check what your dogs are getting to eat these days.

The first thing to consider here would to take help from the vet and ask him/her for a nutrition chart for your lovely dog. Once you know the nutrition you pet would need, it’s time for you find them the best possible foods. Your hunt can start from any shopping store. But make sure you are checking the labels of the products for the nutrition value your vet has advised. Match them. If you are satisfied buy the brand or skip.

One brand which I have been using for our pets for quite a long time now is – VitaLife. They are a Canada based dog food company offering packaged dog foods. We have been using vitalife all natural treats for quite a long time now. And our pets are really healthy and happy. You can try them as well. 

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