Thursday, July 16, 2015

Natural Sourced Hygienic Dog’s Foods

Everyone loves to keep pets at home. Among the different pets, dogs are the most common and favorite one for the people around the world. The furry, four legged pets become part of our family quickly and remain faithful throughout their life. Like the family members, we want the pets to live a long, healthy, and happy life. This can be possible, if we provide quality and natural foods containing all vital nutrients for growth.

Worried about the quality of treats being given to your pet friend? Vita Life is providing high quality and natural sourced hygienic foods ideal for your pet for good health. The company was inspired to make the products seeing the attachment shared with dogs by people in families. The products are made in Thailand, also known as the “kitchen of the world” for dog’s foods. It is one of the top ten producers of dog’s feeds in the world. Natural ingredients are used in making the products to be safe, digestible and full of essential nutrients required by the dogs.

Products are best in quality as these are made from farm fresh ingredients grown locally in Thailand. Company follows a special process of maintaining the quality of products. The ingredients are roasted in oven to maintain the aromas and natural flavors. It is handpicked and packed after stringent quality testing and safety measures to provide best quality product in each packet. As you consider your pet no less than a family member, Vita Life provides human grade products for your furry loved ones.

What makes Vita Life products higher in quality? Products are made from whole meat chicken muscle breast fillet, whole meat duck breast fillet, and locally grown sweet potato. There are no chicken by-products like neck, intestines, feathers, etc, as done to make products cheap and fill up packet by others. Apart from that there is no added salt, glycerin, wheat, corn or soy product that can make quality cheap and harmful for your pet. This is why products are completely natural, healthy and great treats for your dogs. You can feed your pets with relief considering the products are directly coming from your kitchen. Buy higher quality products for your favorite pets from here to deliver good health and a happy life. 

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