Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why Your Dogs Need Good Quality Foods?

Young puppies quickly become important members of families. Dogs are human best friend providing numerous services throughout their lives. Whether it is guarding farms or houses against thieves and dogs never forget to provide warm welcome to owners wagging tail or howling lovingly. Dogs repay little love of owners with extreme faithfulness and special services. But, dogs need to stay healthy, happy and active to provide all these services. Health of dogs depends upon quality of foods that are feed daily. Protein, fats, calcium, vitamins and minerals are essential for development and growth of dogs. A treat can be called complete, if it contains all essential nutrients necessary for good health. Though, numerous brands of dog’s foods are available commercially but some of them are highly unsafe for your pet. Let us see why you should select Vital Life products for your dogs.

Owners love to treat dog nicely with good feeding and maintaining everything. Premium quality food is the most important thing require by a dog to achieve good health. It should be highly nutritive, soft and chewable, digestible, and containing natural recipes. Exercise care while providing food to your pet as feeding cheap quality treats leads to early death. Make sure to see ingredients label in products before buying treat for your dogs. Some chemicals are harmful for dog’s health but still used in commercial food to fill up packets or to decrease price. Ethoxyquin, propylene glycol, BHT/BHA, corn syrup/soy, by-products, and excess salt ingredients create problems after eating. Make sure to avoid treats containing these harmful additives, flavoring agents, and cheap quality ingredients. Daily consumption of these chemicals leads to diseases, poor health, and dull fur.

Vita Life provides treats made from fresh chicken breast fillets, duck breast fillets, beef, and sweet potatoes grown locally in Thailand. Fresh ingredients are oven roasted to maintain aroma, flavor, nutritive values, and easily digestible. Foods are tested with stringent quality control guidelines before packing the products. No addition of salts, by-products, glycerin and corn or soy in treats providing simple and natural diet. No toxic ingredients but contain natural nutrients essential for your pet dog’s health. Ensure health of your dogs providing premium quality foods, if you are genuine dog’s lover.

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