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VitaLife – Made with love dog treats. Yes, they really are!

Josh Billings rightly pointed out, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”.

The above quote has the essence of why we love our dogs so much. I am sure you would agree.

Yes, it reveals the care, love and faithfulness that a dog delivers to its owners. But still, it’s definitely not all. Several researchers have found that dog owners are happier, healthier, have good heart health, exercise more, and are better personalities in comparison with others who don’t.

Wonderful are the benefits of rearing a dog, aren’t they?

A dog is a special friend, protector and a family member. It is the most common animal to be found at homes around the world. Dogs adjust swiftly in any situation and win hearts of the family members instantly. It promises to human to be a loyal friend and shares emotion of life. Warm relationship shared with dog is evident with cheerfulness of furry friend wagging tails every time seeing the owners. And owners pat on fur to reciprocate the welcome given after returning from work or anywhere. Dogs are not merely pets, their playful nature will keep you amused and happier during outing with running, hopping,  playing with toys, or at any other occasion when you spend time with it.

Keeping a dog at home helps in protecting against thieves when you are not around. Owners feel more secure and relaxed in leaving home while going out for works. Dogs can be trained to perform numerous household chores to help out aged and frails, and children at home. The canines become your best companion with lifelong commitment to serve and love you, which rarely found in human. Dogs return little love and care shown by owners with manifold services.

Rearing dogs at home isn’t easy and needs extra time and money. You as a pet owner need to provide quality time to your dogs whether it is about taking them out for hiking, playing, and going out for picnic with family members. You have got to do it to ensure you are a great pet owner. Like family members, your dogs deserve to be cared, loved, and enjoy good health for happier life. To achieve that premium quality foods are required. People called themselves “dog lovers” but often neglect to see the quality of foods before giving to their pets leading to diseases and early death.

Your dogs require quality diets to remain active and to ensure longevity. Sadly with commercialization of dogs food industry so much, numerous low quality and toxic ingredients are being used these days with several food items which shorten the life of your loved pets. Though people don’t want to lose their pet but fail to take proper precautions for them. Reading this guide will help you in selecting the premium quality foods for your dog to ensure longer and stronger life for your lovely pets.

Importance of Premium Quality Dog Foods

Longevity, health, and activeness of the dogs depend upon the quality of foods given. Like human being, dogs also need quality foods containing essential nutrients in right amount for growth and development. Nutrients like carbohydrate, calcium, fibres, minerals, protein, vitamins, fats, etc, are required for good health. Human get these essential nutrients eating different types of foods but dogs are being given same food every day. Feeding low quality food leads to less muscle development, growth and diseases on pet.

To avoid this situation, dog owners should take responsibility of providing best quality food suited for its growth and overall good health. Since you take dogs as your family members, don’t feed your dogs without reading the labels of the packages to avoid disastrous health conditions. Read the label of ingredients used in the product before buying from pet stores to avoid lethal problems. You should make sure your pets are eating only nutritious and healthy foods. It will help pets live longer and stronger providing sound nutrition.

Rising Demands of Dog Foods

Demands for dog foods are rising consistently across the globe. This is because more people are rearing dogs at their home for different purposes. With advancement in science and technology, human has become lonelier and adding dog in life really makes a difference. According to APPA sources, there are about 70-80 millions of dogs in US alone of different breeds.

Thus, dog food industry is witnessing great growth in US, Canada, and in other parts of the globe. Numerous companies have come up in market to manufacture products according to preferences of the pet animals. But, not all of them are good or bad. Several expert researches are being done worldwide to find out the best possible diet for dogs that delivers best health. You should do a bit of research yourself by reading the package label for the contained ingredients.

Are you giving your pets the right foods? Are these foods free from harmful chemical? Watch out for it. You must make sure that you are selective right foods for your pets.

Harmful Chemicals in Dog’s Food

Dog’s feeds are being made from numerous sources in industries. It can be made from whole meat, vegetables, fruits, corn, soy, potatoes, and other sources. The chief treats of dogs mainly made from whole meat containing animal fats from slaughtered animals. But, problems arise in preserving animal fats as it gets spoiled due to rancidity in a short time. To increase shelf life, special preservatives are used in foods.

Practically, two types of preservatives are used in dog’s foods, namely - natural and artificial. The natural preservatives are derived from Vitamin C and E and considered safe by pet nutrition experts. Food containing natural preservative usually consists of ingredients like ascorbate and tocopherol. But, artificial preservatives used in preserving foods are potentially harmful chemicals that contain carcinogens or cancer causing agents.

Pet diet experts have revealed some harmful chemicals are still being used in dog food industry. The dangerous chemicals that owners need to watch out in labels before buying food products from pet stores are the following:

Ethoxyquin- It is an artificial preservative and creates toxicity in body after long use. This is also used as a pesticide and hardening agent in manufacturing synthetic rubber.

BHA and BHT – Both butylated hydroxyanisol (BHA) and butylated hyrdoxytoluene (BHT) are under suspicion of causing cancers by W.H.O and State of California. Studies have found that BHA to be a possible carcinogen. Unfortunately, these two chemicals are still found in many food products of dogs.

Propylene Glycol – It is a controversial additive used to preserve moisture content in commercial dog’s food. It is being used as new automotive antifreeze and causes blood diseases, though considered safer than ethylene glycol, if given in small doses and infrequently to dogs.

TBHQ – Tertiary butyl hydroquinone is used as artificial fats preservative in many commercialized dog’s food to increase its shelf life. But it is often used to stabilize explosive compounds and make varnishes, lacquers and resins. Worst thing is that TBHQ has linkage to pre-cancerous stomach tumor and other cancers.

Propyl Gallate – Propyl Gallate is believed to be responsible for numerous health issues of the dogs, but still used in numerous foods. Recent studies show that this chemical can mimic the negative effects of female hormone estrogen. It adversely affects the reproductive health of dogs and found linkage in causing cancers.

Corn syrup/corn – Corn syrup mainly consists of sugar and is used to sweeten the palate of dog’ food. Frequently serving corn syrup to dogs may lead to weight gain, hyperactivity, diabetes, and dramatic change in behaviors. As it is inexpensive filler for the pet food manufactures, it is being used by several brands. But, it develops molds and fungus very early which if eaten by pets can lead to their death. Hence, make you are checking the label properly for it.

By-Products – By-Products are the internal organs of different animals like lamb, chicken, beef, fish, turkey, etc. It often contains diseased tissues, organs, and tumors in order to fill up packet in low quality products.

Apart from harmful chemicals, there are some flavoring agents, sweetners, etc that need to be avoided if it is used in unnecessarily and excess amount to fill up packet. In many cheap products, too much salt is added that create adverse effect for your dogs after prolong use.
Remember, dogs are captive audience and eat whatever is given by the owners. Frequent exposure of the harmful additives creates problems for your loved pet. Hence, dog’s owners should make sure that only premium quality products are feed to their pets.

VitaLife – Symbol of Quality and Genuine Care for Dogs

As discussed above, artificial preservative, chemicals, flavoring agents, and additives are harmful for overall health of dogs. VitaLife is providing dog food products gathering directly from natural sources. Since products are made only from farm fresh ingredients that are available locally in Thailand, there is no question of adding any unwanted chemicals in products.

Further, Thailand is considered the kitchen of dog’s food and known for its standard quality products. Ingredients used in making products are whole fresh chicken breast fillet, duck breast fillets, home grown and hand-picked sweet potato to be rich source in naturally found nutrients essential in achieving good health.

The best thing is that these products are human grade foods and don’t contain any cheap products that lowers quality. No artificial preservative, chemicals, glycerin, by-products, wheat, corn or soy are used in making the products. It is just pure and simple natural foods for your lovely dogs. It contains only the things that are essential for a healthy life of your dear pets.

Process Undertake for Quality Treats

Feeds to dogs may differ according to the breeds reared. But, dogs love flavored or good taste food to eat and there’s no doubt about it at all. Creating best quality products isn’t easy and needs quality control at each process. VitaLife follows a special process in manufacturing products so that every bit of your dogs becomes healthy. Best quality farm fresh ingredients are handpicked from the field. Fresh ingredients are roasted in oven to maintain the natural aroma, taste, and flavor of dog’s food.
Ingredients are handpicked and checked with strict quality control testing before packing to maintain quality of food products.

In this way, your dogs get natural, pure, simple, easy to digest, higher protein and lower fats compositions foods in palate. All the essential nutrients are added in sufficient quantity to be a perfect feed for good health. The natural dog treats of  VitaLife are just perfect and complete foods for your pet dog. This is because products are made out of love for dogs after extensive research.

About this blog post

This blog post is from a pet lover who owns two lovely dogs a cute cat. I tested several products for my pets from several brands online and offline over the years, but VitaLife has made me stick to it for over a year now.

The reason why I have written this blog is merely appreciation. Yes, VitaLife has saved my pets, their treats are simply awesome are enjoyed a lot by my pets who simply avoided packaged foods for several months for unkown reasons. I was worried about my pets and confused about what to do. Then, I found VitaLife. I was skeptic about this brand after I read a blog somewhere online. But, thanks to my friend who advised  and recommended Vitalife to me, I owe a lot to this brand because it’s the reason behind my healthier and happier pets. I had to pay it back. How? Having found no great way to do it, I thought of writing this blog.

Thank You VitaLife, you are really made with love.

All you lovely pet owners, hope you enjoyed my post. If you have questions for me, please feel free to post it below. I will be happy to answer them for you. 

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  1. I have been feeding Vitalife products for six months now. Bruno likes the treats and grew healthy now. Treats are simple, natural and nutrients rich providing better health to my dogs. Thanks Vitalife.