Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Naturally Sourced Premium Quality Treats for Dogs

You want your pet friend to live a healthy, happy, active and longer life, isn’t it? To deliver a better life to your loved pet, you need to feed premium quality foods that contain all essential nutrients. This is because like the human being, dogs also require all essential nutrients like proteins, calcium, vitamins, and others. But, foods available in commercial stores are often deficient in these essential nutrients. Deficiency in essential nutrients leads to disastrous health conditions like poor health, diseases, dull fur, and others. Hence, it is essential for you to make sure that you provide ideal foods that elevate overall health. Most importantly, foods should be free from intoxicants ingredients that eat away life of your pet. So, products containing artificial additives, flavoring agent, cheap quality ingredients, etc, need to be avoided. It leads to poor health and early death of your beloved pet.

The dogs should be given natural, simple and easily digestible products. Every bite should be full of essential nutrients essential for muscle growth, energy, and overall health development. To meet the nutrients requirement, Vita Life provides all naturally sourced premium quality foods for your pet dogs. All the products are made from naturally sourced farm fresh ingredients with good nutritive value. Products are made from whole chicken breast fillet, duck breast fillets, fresh quality beef, and sweet potatoes grown locally in Thailand. No cheap quality ingredients like by-products, feathers, intestines, and any other organs are used in the products. Even salt, corn, soy, glycerin, and other intoxicants are avoided in manufacturing the products. This is why products are natural and healthy for your dog.

Ingredients are processed successfully maintaining all natural nutrients. Farm fresh ingredients are handpicked to create premium quality foods. Ingredients are oven roasted to maintain freshness, aroma, and natural nutritive value. Strict food control testing and standard packaging procedures are followed to maintain that freshness and quality for long. This makes the products human grade, soft, chewable, and promotes health of your pet. Ensure the health of your dogs by providing quality foods buying from here.

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